DAB Hand for DHL at EMA

The massive new DHL warehouse extension at East Midlands Airport, is now up and running.

DAB were proud to be involved throughout the whole operation undertaking all of the ground works, drainage and increased parking provision etc. for the main contractor, GSE, and valued at around £13m over the two year period of construction.

Client: The main-build contract was won by GSE and they appointed DAB to do the ground works.  The old car park was removed and replaced by our experienced teams of ground-workers and machine operators.  A new large concrete vehicle loading area was installed by DAB. Foundations, drainage and service trenches were also laid by us.  The contract value to date for DAB is just under £12 m.

Point of Interest: As this is a high security it is essential that all personnel working on the air-side should be fully cleared with DBS. Working in close proximity to aeroplanes also entails specific induction issues which includes a conscientious adherence to rules regarding contaminants – Foreign Object Entry (FOE).

This project was completed in the summer of 2017.